It’s Friday! So what better time to update you on what our customers have been consulting on recently? At time of writing there are over 800 open consultations and 18000+ total on the Aggregator. Let’s take a look at some that have opened recently.

The Scottish Government are consulting on The Stone of Destiny

The Stone of Destiny is an ancient Scottish stone that’s been used in coronations in Britain for centuries, and the Scottish Government are hosting a consultation (on behalf the Commisioners for the Safeguarding of the Regalia) on whether it should be moved from Edinburgh Castle to a purpose-built museum in Perth, closer to its place of origin, or remain in the Castle and have its facilities upgraded. It’s basically a history lesson and a democratic exercise rolled in to one. There are plenty of pictures of what the prospective facilities would look like, information on the history of the Stone and how it fits into the wider history of Scotland, and excellent language like ‘writ large’, ‘unrivalled pedigree’ and ‘lost in the mists of time’. 

The New Zealand Ministry of Health are consulting on the Māori Health Action Plan

The New Zealand Government Department of Health are consulting on a Maori Health Action Plan and are seeking input from Maori and health professionals. This follows from a series of consultations and engagement New Zealand has run with a view to improving health outcomes for Maori people, who typically have lower health prospects than non-Maori. The consultation is chapter-based, meaning that respondents can see up front the different sections and only need reply to those that are relevant to them.

Warwickshire County Council are consulting on cyber crime

First of all, I like that the banner image makes me feel like I’m filling in a consultation on board Battlestar Galactica. Secondly, this is an important topic that gets a lot of news coverage but doesn’t seem to go out to consultation very often. I’ve never considered myself a victim of cyber crime, but clicking through this survey made me realise that basically any internet user has been targeted in one way or another – ever had an email saying you’ve been chosen to receive a ‘charitable donation’ of $4 million? It’s super informative without requiring respondents to read long documents or pieces of legislation. 

That’s it for now. Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are – we’ll be back soon with more.