It’s Friday! Congrats! Hope you’ve had a good week wherever you are…it’s been a busy one here at Delib. Judging by the Citizen Space Aggregator – there are 18000+ total consultations to date – it’s been a busy one for our customers too. Here’s a selection of what they’ve been up to lately.

Warwickshire County Council are consulting on their Council Plan 2025

consultation software, democracy tools, Citizen Space

This consultation has a really nice flow to it and it looks great, too. It features good use of a range of answer components, like matrix questions and drop-downs. A highlight for me is an embedded PDF with a fact bank underneath containing just the text. PDFs don’t work with screen readers so inserting the text in a fact bank means its still accessible but the page doesn’t seem endless!

Northamptonshire County Council are consulting on emergency preparedness

consultation software, democracy tools, Citizen Space

I learned a lot just by clicking through this consultation. It makes a good case for being prepared for emergencies without being alarmist: for example, keeping a stock of tinned goods and a grab bag in case you need to leave home in a hurry. There are explanatory videos for each section and it’s easy to follow. Worth a read, even if you’re from elsewhere!

The Australian Department of Health are consulting on data-matching to prevent fraud

consultation software, democracy tools, Citizen Space

This consultation relates to a bill that would enable Medicare providers to access data from other government organisation in order to prevent fraud. Concerns about data privacy are high in Australia at the moment (more on this here), so the document attached to this consultation is clear about how privacy would be protected under this amendment – it’ll be interesting to see whether stakeholders still rank privacy as a concern with regards to this bill.

That’s it for now, folks. Hope you have a great weekend. And if you’d like to talk to us about Citizen Space, or any of Delib’s democracy tools, you can always get in touch.