OK, so I know it was yesterday, but given that fancy dress parties will be raging until at least the end of the weekend I think I’m in the clear.

Some pretty hefty consultations opened recently on Citizen Space, our flagship engagement platform. It can be used for anything from feedback surveys to calls for evidence, as well as statutory consultation, and lately there have been quite a few high-profile ones released. Here’s a selection.

The Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is consulting on Measurement Assurance

This is the third in a series of consultations the DIIS has run regarding a change in Australia’s measurement laws. For this one, they’re seeking stakeholder views on matters of third party arrangements and compliance matters. There’s the option on the bottom of each page to submit straight away or continue to the next section, so it’s clear respondents needn’t reply to the whole thing if they don’t wish to.

The Sentencing Council (UK) is consulting on Terrorism Guidelines

The Sentencing Council is running this consultation in response to the Counter Terrorism and Border Security Act, which received Royal Assent in February. The consultation clearly summarises existing and proposed guidelines, with the option to read the full document if the respondent wishes. This increases access to the consultation as respondents don’t need to read a dense 50+ page document before they provide their input.

The Environment Agency is consulting on Challenges and Choices

This is the latest high-profile consultation from the Environment Agency (UK), and it focuses on freshwater in England, as well as parts of Wales and Scotland, and the challenges that lie ahead in protecting this vital resource. They want as many affected citizens as possible to respond, so it’s super accessible. It’s a large chapter-based survey, and each chapter has an explanatory video at the top of the page, along with a transcript if required as well as plenty of explanatory graphs and supplementary information.

And that’s it for now! Happy post-Halloween party if you’re going to one and if not, happy official lead-up to Christmas. Great. And if you’d like to find out more about Citizen Space, you can book a free demo and we’ll walk you through it.