We have lots of customers with regulatory responsibilities who use Citizen Space to consult effectively with their stakeholders. It can be hard to run a consultation on what’s often highly technical legislation without making it a chore for respondents to plough through, so this week, we thought we’d celebrate a few organisations who have managed to strike the right balance.

CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) is consulting on proposed rules for manned free balloons and hot air airships

It’s a consultation about hot air balloons! Specifically, the consultation focuses on changes to Part 131 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations, which will seek to improve public safety surrounding the use of these aircraft. CASA always publish responses, and their consent page is always clear and robust – something that will come in handy when new Australian data protection law comes into effect this year.

SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) are consulting on a Forestry and Wood Processing Sector Plan

This is the most recent in SEPA’s series of Sector Plan consultations. The consultation document is embedded in the overview page, which makes this far easier to respond to on mobile as respondents don’t need to open multiple tabs. It’s also succinct, which is kind of a big deal for a stakeholder consultation!

HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) are consulting on curriculum data

OK, a little sneaky perhaps, given that this one closes today…but it’s still a good example of stakeholder consultation that’s clearly mapped out with all required information included inline with the survey. HESA uses chapters in two different ways here: firstly as a section of questions to answer, and secondly as information-only pages, which breaks up the consultation nicely. There are embedded flow-charts galore in this one so the topics are broken down in a way that’s simple to understand and respond to. Also, it’s just *such* nice branding.

So there you go – three organisations that are making stakeholder consultation a little bit simpler. For more consultations, you can always check out the Citizen Space Aggregator. Hope you have a lovely weekend everyone; we’ll be back soon with more.

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