We’ve been putting some thought into how we can deliver the best possible training; training that meets the needs of all Delib’s users from the outset of setting up Citizen Space, through to the evolution of the way you may choose to use the app in the future.

We’ve made some changes and they are all down to your feedback.

When it comes to training in a group, there are a number of factors that can affect the session:

  • Differing levels of ability
  • Different learning styles
  • Time constraints on attendees
  • Equipment and space available
  • Current or planned use of the application…and many more

With this in mind we created a “Delib Training Feedback Consultation” on Citizen Space to get some idea of what we could do to create as many happy trainees as possible. Thanks to the 72 responses received so far (and some lovely positive and constructive feedback), we have developed 3 new training courses.

We’ll start by looking at the feedback we received using a tried and tested format…

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Content of Training

We Asked:

How did you find the amount of content covered and speed of the training?

You Said:

83% said the content covered was just right, whereas 65% said the speed of the training was spot on.

We Did:

We thought this was something we wanted to work on, as our aim is to utilise everyone’s time as effectively as we can. This is why we’ve developed a new pre-training survey and the three courses – to understand who we’ll be training and what to train on.


We Asked:

Did we provide adequate support materials?

You Said:

73% said yes and about 25% said we could provide more.

We Did:

A re-vamp of our supporting hand-outs.

We have now created dedicated supporting information for each of our courses with plenty of hands-on examples to work through.

Future training and recommendations

We Asked:

Would you be interested in future training and would you recommend us to other organisations?

You Said:

98.5% of respondents said they would be likely to recommend us elsewhere and 77% would either definitely or potentially like further training.

We Did:

We carefully analysed all the additional comments that were made in response to the future training question and saw some common requests for additional analysis training, social media training, improving online participation – things that fall under the umbrella of ‘making the application work for you’ but are perhaps more advanced than is needed for users just starting out – that’s why we have added the Advanced Consultation Design course to our offering.

We have recently been asked by a couple of customers to help them become Centres of Excellence for consulting. It’s this kind of forward thinking that we love and we’re only too keen to build a training programme to help organisations meet that goal. And now…

The 3 New Courses

Managing Citizen Space

This is for you: If you are setting up and administering the use of Citizen Space across your organisation.

We train you on how to run consultations in Citizen Space, create a plan to roll out best-practice consulting across your organisation and get you fully ready to begin effective consulting.

Running Consultations in Citizen Space

This is for you: If you want to build brilliant consultations

We work with all the features of Citizen Space in a hands-on session to fully enable you to create, analyse and promote effective consultations.

Advanced Consultation Design

This is for you: If you want to become an expert in online consultation

A one day course focusing on creating more advanced and effective consultations, including more detail on planning, design, analysis and promotion. Designed for those already comfortable with Citizen Space.

Here’s more information about Delib training, and please get in touch if you want to know more.