“We never used to get that level of response from using paper surveys on budget consultation”

– Walsall Council

Prior to using Budget Simulator South Yorkshire Police Authority (SYPA) used to run focus groups which engaged 30-40 people. Following a successful consultation using Budget Simulator, SYPA have now more than tripled their response rate. As well as improving budget consultation, the simulator also helped SYPA to “consider other aspects of policing not just the budget”, effectively improving overall community engagement.

Similarly Walsall Council increased their response rate by switching from a primarily paper based survey to using the Budget Simulator for online engagement – “we never used to get that response from using paper surveys on budget consultation”.

With 409 individuals completing the survey, Walsall Council commented that members of the public and engagement team found the Budget Simulator “visual and very easy to use”. With the ability to add further comments into the simulator Wallsall found they received numerous “open and honest responses” and could then use the results to effectively translate user comments for decision makers.

Does Budget Simulator help increase engagement within the budget consultation process? With the use of such an effective online tool, coupled with supplementary materials, it is clear that the use of a Budget Simulator helps engage a much wider audience within the consultation process.

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