Citizen Space v5.11 – An analysis and reporting themed release, based squarely on feedback from our admin users. Below you can read about the main changes, but as ever there is a whole lot more ‘under the hood’. 

The update was rolled out to all customers in the week beginning 7th September 2020. You can read more details about the visible changes below.

And, if you do read the accompanying support articles, please don’t blame us if you get distracted from work by discussions about who really was the best Beatle… 

What’s new?

It is now possible to exclude ‘not answered’ from tables and charts 🎉

A lot of customers wanted to view, filter and group their results data without the ‘not answered’ responses being included in the total percentages. This is now possible, using a new ‘Include Not Answered’ or ‘Do not include Not Answered’ radio buttons option. 

We have an article on our Knowledge Base that covers this in more detail, and we hope that customers find it useful once it is rolled out to their site!

We have added some additional table titles and helpful words here and there

Customers will notice some additional table titles and some small snippets of extra text here and there on the ‘Responses by Question’ page.  

These will also appear in the PDF and .docx summary reports, and will show the following:

  • ‘Total response numbers’ in more places than before.
  • Which filters have been applied to the charts and tables you are seeing.
  • Short descriptions of groupings that have been applied.

If you have more than 1000 responses, these are now paginated

In the happy scenario of receiving more than 1000 responses to a qualitative component (a free text box for example), responses will now be paginated in increments of 1000. This reduces the need for admin users to scroll down a potentially long page to see responses. It also means that Citizen Space only needs to find and display 1000 responses at once, reducing page load times and the risk of page timeouts for those customers in the even happier scenario of many thousands of responses. 

And much more…

As usual the release includes bug fixes and a whole lot more ‘under the hood’, including some significant changes to the underlying architecture of analysis and reporting. Many of the changes aren’t visible right now, but they lay the foundations for further improvements to the analysis and reporting sections of Citizen Space in the future.

See our knowledge base for more helpful articles on how to get the most out of your subscription.

If you’re not a customer and would like to learn more about what Citizen Space can do for your organisation, you can book a free demo and we’ll walk you through it.