Citizen Space version 7.14 was rolled out on 5th September 2022.

Citizen Space is ever-evolving and this release brings innovative additions, accessibility improvements and some much-requested features to the platform.

QR codes for activities

Effective engagement relies on successful promotion, and QR codes are increasingly becoming key tools in the promotion of Citizen Space activities. This release introduces a QR code generator to Citizen Space which allows users to instantly download a QR code for their surveys or consultations. 

The Users page in Citizen Space, showing the 'Position' dropdown list of permission levels open, with 'Individual Admin' ticked
The new QR code generator function on the Citizen Space activity dashboard

This will make activities easier to promote whenever, wherever – for example, if a customer promotes an activity via flyers or posters, people can simply scan a code and have their say straight away. It’ll make taking part a much smoother process, especially for mobile or tablet users.

Many more text options

We’ve updated the text editor with a range of new options to provide more flexibility, speed things along and make it easier to create accessible activities. 

The Citizen Space text editor bar, with new options highlighted in red
  • The ‘Remove format’ button strips out any formatting from existing text, making it easy to copy-and-paste from elsewhere.
  • The ‘Styles’ button offers a choice of 3 text sizes, allowing users to add subheadings to their text. Using a heading hierarchy improves the visual readability of larger pieces of text by breaking it up into manageable sections, but also improves the experience for people using screenreaders.
  • Because we know mistakes sometimes happen, we’ve added ‘Undo’ and “Redo’ buttons.
  • The ‘Table’ button makes creating accessible tables in Citizen Space simple and swift. Users can select the number of rows and columns they need, and a table will be created directly in their activity ready for content to be added. This tool makes the information in a table accessible to all, avoiding the potential pitfalls of adding a table as a pdf or image.
  • Lastly, the ‘Maximise’ button gives a clearer view when users are working with big blocks of text.

Consistent messaging

Customers have always been able to change the standard email acknowledgement received by their respondents on a per-activity basis, to give them a tailored message if needed. We’ve introduced a change with the v7.14 release: site admins now have an additional option of setting a site-wide email acknowledgement message, giving respondents a tailored message that’s consistent across all of your organisation’s activities.

Accessibility improvements and extra tweaks

We’ve made the accessibility policy text at the bottom of the homepage entirely editable, making it easy for customers to directly match the text in Citizen Space with their organisation’s accessibility statement. 

Finally, this release also brings some security improvements and bug fixes.

Citizen Space customers benefit from free product upgrades as part of their subscription. If you’re not a customer yet, book a demo to find out more.