Citizen Space version 7.21.0 will be released in the week beginning 27th March 2023.

So what’s in it?

Set a character limit in text boxes

Ever received War and Peace in a response and felt your eyes glaze over slightly? Good news: customers can now add an optional character limit to free text responses. This can save a lot of time when it comes to reading, coding and tagging qualitative responses. It’s also more compliant with certain accessibility and legislative requirements.

Find out how to set a character limit.

Aesthetic improvements

We’ve made some visual changes to the front end. It’s now wider, giving Citizen Space a more modern feel with a little more breathing room. The change will be visible throughout all Citizen Space sites. We Asked, You Said, We Did now has a much more spacious view, making it lots easier to read. Shiny.

UI improvements to “Responses by respondent” page

It’s now much easier to navigate through the “Responses organised by respondent” page. We’ve added pagination – essentially, you can now navigate through this section with “1 2 3 Next” functionality rather than responses all displaying on a single page.

Read about “Responses by respondent”.

Some exciting stuff is in the works

We’re working on a pretty significant update to the additional pages feature in Citizen Space. You’ll get a proper update about it very soon, so stay tuned to find out more.

This release also includes bug fixes and some security updates.

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