Citizen Space version 7.4 is being rolled out to customer sites in their standard upgrade windows this week.

The latest Citizen Space release brings a much-requested feature and a boost to sites’ performance.

So what’s new in v7.4?

Saved pages 🎉

This is a feature that’s been requested a lot by customers: the ability to save whole pages to a sitewide library, so that any survey owner can then add them to their activities. As well as cutting the time spent building individual activities, this will make it much easier to keep things consistent across the board.

Saved pages also applies to Citizen Space Geospatial, so survey owners can easily replicate a mapping page without having to manually add layers and attributes every time. It’s particularly useful for people who want to:

  • Ask the same set of questions multiple times in the same survey
  • Have a consistent approach to a specific page – such as a demographics or privacy statement page – across your activities
  • Create a template map survey page (for our Geospatial customers).

Find out more about using and creating saved pages in our Knowledge Base.

Performance improvements

We’ve been making improvements to Citizen Space’s speed and capacity regarding response collection. Sites can now accept up to 30% more response submissions at a time. Speedy.

In terms of visible changes, the total number of responses shown on the ‘Manage activities’ page will now update once a day. However, customers can still find up-to-the-minute response stats on the activity dashboard.

This will help keep sites at their peak, however many responses an activity receives.

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