We’re happy to introduce Dialogue v3! We’ve made this major update to help governments continue interacting with the public with openness and transparency.

We built Dialogue because we want government to have an easy way of getting input from citizens on policy challenges. With v3, the tool that is used so well already by various organisations in idea generation and public participation gets a whole lot better. All of the changes we’ve made have been done to make it easier for communities to get involved with issues that matter to them. The aim is to open up conversations and keep discussion flowing, while making them more interactive and constructive.

Dialogue allows you to tailor conversations to suitable audiences as required: it gives you the flexibility to run public, transparent discussion, open to anyone with an interest to engage in, as well as challenges aimed at specific groups. For example, when the Isle of Man wanted to engage islanders in their budget decisions, they chose Dialogue and received more than 1,300 responses, a brilliant response for public involvement. Or, when HM Courts & Tribunals Service wanted to give employees a voice in how the organisation is run, they set up a closed challenge for their staff to suggest ideas and improvements which proved to be a great success in shaping the culture and working environment.

Efficiency built in

We’ve focused on updating the admin side of Dialogue because that is where public servants need efficiency. By simplifying the process, and introducing easier workflows for challenge creation and moderation, we want to save government time to allow more capacity for running successful challenges and ultimately engaging more people in the decision-making process.

Notifying participants

The existing notifications feature helps to keep conversations going and expand participation while some great improvements to the admin area make it easier than ever for anyone to set up and run successful challenges.

A much-improved admin dashboard

A new user-friendly dashboard makes creating, moderating and reporting on challenges easier. It shows everything in one place and guides you through each process with step-by-step progress as you go. With more than 10,000 admin users already using a similar dashboard in Citizen Space, we know it’s a dashboard that works. 

Better reporting

Automatic summary reports are easy to generate and can be edited, helping you to close the feedback loop and provide outcomes on challenges. Reports are attractive and straightforward, in a format that anyone can understand, giving top-line stats at a glance, as well as more in-depth details for analysis if required. The importance of providing feedback on engagement exercises is well-known and with v3 it is quicker and easier than ever before. 

The need for constructive discussion is real; community-level conversation with people who are affected by decision-making is vital to make people feel involved in the democratic process. We’ve made this significant upgrade to Dialogue to provide a simple, moderated way of doing this that complies with GDPR and other privacy policies around the world. Dialogue v3 allows organisations to be public and transparent with early engagement exercises, all the while ensuring ease-of-access for all. 

If you’d like to learn more about Dialogue, get in touch and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.