Happy weekend, folks. Hope you’ve had a good week, wherever you are in the world! The Citizen Space aggregator is as busy as ever, with over 18000 consultations. Here’s a selection of the latest.

The Government of Western Australia’s Department of Health is consulting on a Climate Health WA Inquiry

The Government of Western Australia’s Department of Health are running an inquiry on the impacts of climate change on health in Western Australia. The results of the inquiry will inform adaptations that can be made to the public health system in preparation.

The Forestry Commission is consulting on the Bernwood Forest Plan 2019-2029

The Forestry Commission are seeking stakeholder views for their long-term plan for Bernwood Forest. It’s an attractive survey which makes good use of Citizen Space’s ‘embed PDF’ feature and has a v. Good example of a matrix answer component. I also like how they’ve put their data & confidentiality policy in a fact bank: it means the first page of the consultation isn’t overly long but the info is there for those that want it.

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham are consulting on Cathnor Park Area traffic Management Proposals

This one’s great for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are clear images depicting where the proposals each take place. Secondly, the proposals were developed on the back of conversations with local residents. This consultation will determine which proposal to implement, after which there will be a trial implementation and another consultation. This might seem a bit long-winded but the open dialogue they’re having with residents means that the plans will be what’s best for the community. The Borough also reckons this approach will mean the scheme will me more financially sustainable in the long run: they hopefully won’t need to make adjustments as the scheme will already be tried and tested.

That’s it for now. Have a lovely weekend! We’ll be back soon with more.