Head over to the Citizen Space Aggregator at any given point and you’ll quickly see that activity on our flagship consultation tool is as busy as ever. We’re quickly approaching a total of 18 000 consultations (!) and there are over 800 open right now. Here are three that we think you should check out.

The Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is consulting on a National Hydrogen Strategy

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is running a meaty consultation on a National Hydrogen Strategy – that is, using hydrogen as an energy source with the potential of reducing the country’s use of coal. The survey is chapter-based, which is a good idea because there’s a lot of information to get through. They’re seeking stakeholder views as well as those of the public, so make sure you take part if you’re down under.

NHS England is consulting on a ‘Digital First’ primary care policy

Current GP contract rules weren’t designed for digital-first services, and cause problems for existing practices, the NHS and new providers alike. NHS England are engaging on proposals and options to:

  • Change how the system works so we can ensure the money follows the patient;
  • Make it easier for existing GP surgeries to expand and improve their own digital services;
  • Ensure that digital-first providers can register new patients in areas where people can’t currently access digital GP services.

Torfaen Public Services Board is consulting on a domiciliary care career pathway poster

Torfaen PSB are designing a poster that they hope will inform citizens about entry-level opportunities for working in home care and encourage people to apply. They’re consulting with the public on whether the designs are informative, attractive and effective enough to get people to apply. The consultation is routed to either a Welsh or an English version of the questions. Routing – directing respondents only to questions relevant to them, depending on how they answer an initial screening question – is great for surveys in multiple languages: it means an organisation doesn’t have to publish the consultation more than once.

That’s it for now. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend! Until next time. 👋