Because of the important nature of what we do and who we work for at Delib it’s vital we provide epic customer support when things (very occasionally) go wrong.

Our Support Strategy

We’re always working on improving our customer support strategy and this is how we currently do it:

  • For non-urgent faults we aim to respond within the hour during office hours. For urgent critical faults our aim is to respond within twenty minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We don’t have a dedicated customer support team, our developers handle support requests directly. As they built the apps, they really really care about them working well for our customers, and they know them inside out.
  • For our Citizen Space consultation app we use Huddle as way of communicating with clients including upgrading changes and improvements.
  • In order to prioritise our workload efficiently we use the Kanban system. Some characteristics of this method as outlined by Henrik Kniberg are:
  • Visualising the Workflow: Split the work into pieces, write each item on a card and put on the wall. Use named columns to illustrate where each item is in the workflow Post-it notes don’t look very high-tech, but software teams around the world are finding this is a very robust system for managing work (we also use the Scrum agile methodology for some large pieces of development).
  • Limit work in progress (WIP): assign explicit limits to how many items may be in progress at each workflow state. Karl Scotland claimed the benefits of this would be to “reduce multi-tasking, maximise throughput and enhance teamwork.”

How do you support your users and customers? Got any examples or tips to share?