Watershed’s Playable City Award captured my imagination from the minute I heard about it, and I was over the moon when our parent company, Team Rubber, became a sponsor. We’ve been honoured to be a part of the Award as it embodies the coolness of our hometown, Bristol.

Watershed has now announced the winning proposal, Hello Lamp Post. Congratulations go to PAN, Gyorgyi Galik and Tom Armitage, the creative team behind the idea. This is an interactive project which embodies the ‘playable’ ethos. Apparently, every postbox, bench, bollard and storm drain in Bristol has a unique code on it (who knew?). When Hello Lamp Post is up and running in summer 2013, people will be able to text the code to a certain number to engage those objects in conversation, like this:

Hello Lampost - winner of Bristol Playable City Award 2013

Our work is all about engaging citizens with their government and their city. From sign-language videos to child-friendly street policies, we know how much good can come when people feel connected to their city. I can’t wait to see how Hello Lamp Post will connect people to Bristol in such an imaginative and intimate way. Everyone with a mobile phone will be able experience the project, and find previously lifeless and ignored objects endowed with personalities and feelings.

Roll on, summer!