From October 2015 to January 2016, Rowena Farr will be visiting Australia and New Zealand, working from our office in Brisbane and travelling around to run user groups, meet customers and (most likely) make those of us in rainy Bristol mildly envious.

Rowena is one of our senior account managers. She’s got 4+ years’ front-line experience of helping people run excellent, effective online consultation using our tools. Row looks after all sorts of customers – from national infrastructure organisations to central government departments to local authorities – and regularly trains government staff on how to make the most of our platforms.

One of the aims of this visit is to learn more about how people working in government in Australia are (or aren’t yet!) involving the public in decision-making online. Rowena’s also got a wealth of information, ideas and experience to share from her own experience supporting customers in their digital engagement activity.

The schedule’s already taking shape but we’re keen to really make the most of the visit and to hopefully meet as many interesting people as possible. Here’s Row’s itinerary as it stands – if you’d like to meet up when she’s in your neck of the woods, get in touch.

Perth: 26th–30th October
Canberra: 3rd–6th November
Brisbane: 9th–24th November
Wellington (NZ): 25th–27th November
Melbourne: 14th–18th December
Sydney: 21st–25th December

Map of Row's visit to Australia