We write about consultations that our customers are running a lot. Which is understandable, because there are literally hundreds of them. Citizen Space is Delib’s flagship tool and we’re extremely proud of the things that our customers have achieved on it.

This week, however, we’re skipping the consultation roundup in favour of celebrating another Delib tool, cos Citizen Space has been hogging the limelight a bit and the others are feeling left out.

Enter Simulator, the leading deliberative prioritisation tool on the market. It works on two levels: it educates citizens about complex decisions that their representatives have to make; and provides meaningful, informed feedback to those representatives. It has three versions: bill, budget, and points. Participants participate by moving sliders left or right on a scale, which either allocates or removes money or points from a certain service. With each movement of the slider, they are given information on what the consequences to that decision would be on the service in real life.

Citizens can learn all about the trade-offs and complexities involved in complicated decisions such as budgets through the simple act of taking part. Obviously, we’re biased, but that’s pretty cool.

Now’s a good time to be talking about it because we are excited to present the recently-launched Simulator Aggregator. Similar to the Citizen Space Aggregator, but you know, for Simulator. It displays live Simulators as well as those that have closed and links to sites where available.

An organisation that’s running one at time of writing is Winchester City Council. They’re asking for input on their 4-year budget, over the course of which they have to find £5m worth of savings. There are options for generating income as well as cutting services, such as raising council tax and parking charges, and it also features a section on their climate change response. This will enable the Council to understand if its residents wish for them to increase their climate obligations at the cost of reducing public services and/or raising taxes.

Screenshot of the front page of Winchester City Council's budget Simulator

There are due to be several more opening within the coming weeks, so stay tuned and we’ll update you next month on all the simulating that’s been going on.

Have a fab weekend everyone!

Want to find out more about what Simulator can do for your organisation? Book a free demo and we’ll walk you through it.

Want to find out more about what Simulator can do for your organisation? Book a free demo and we’ll walk you through it.