Delib today announced the launch of on demand webinars, available free as part of the ultra-convenient Delib Learn service.

Delib Learn brings together the best of our training, education and consultancy all in one place, where people can deepen their knowledge and understanding of public participation and the Delib suite of democracy tools.

Previously, webinars were conducted live. Due to high demand, they’re now available on demand.

Katherine Rooney, Delib account manager, said: “Our webinars have been highly in demand throughout 2020 and 2021 and the feedback has been great. Customers tell us how valuable this form of easy-to-access learning is. We’re proud to expand this with on demand webinars, meaning people can watch whenever and wherever they want to.”

Image shows title card of 'Good Survey Design' webinar video. Video length is 21:27. Image links out to the Good Survey Design webinar page on Delib Learn, where users can watch the full video.
How do you make a really good survey? Delib account manager Katharine Sonsie talks through it in our Good Survey Design webinar

Webinars have been pre-recorded and those wishing to watch them can do so any time, anywhere. Short, informative and shareable clips from specific topics covered in the webinars are also available for anyone who prefers their content bite-sized.

Webinars cover topics such as:

Webinars tend to fall within the 35-45 minute range. We will be scheduling our next season of live webinars from September 2021 onwards.

If you’d like to be notified about upcoming webinars and training sessions, you can join the Delib Learn mailing list.

Take learning to the next level. Stream our pre-recorded webinars whenever you want. Watch now.

On demand webinars may require registration.