Tiffany Maddox is a freelance director, filmmaker and all-round creative person. Back in the Olden Days, Delib was part of a group of companies, all under the banner Team Rubber. One of these companies was Rubber Republic, for whom Tiff used to work. We’ve drafted her in to do some freelance comms and media work, furthering the evidence that you can check out of Team Rubber any time you like, but you can never really leave. I asked her some of life’s most important questions.

What’s your name and where are you from?

Tiff, Tiffles, Tiffers, Big Tiff Energy. I hail from the almighty Cardiff, Wales; the greatest and also most modest country on earth.

What’s your history with Delib/Team Rubber? 

I worked with Rubber Republic for 10 years, which at a time was under the Team Rubber umbrella. We made films, and the kind of social ads that don’t suck. It was pretty great and for a long time we shared an office with Delib. We had shared parties, shared Christmases, and even shared tea rounds. It was a sort of utopia, but with occasional bickering over meeting rooms.

How has it changed since last time you worked with us, besides the obvious working from home?

Well, now I’ve gone over to the dark side and am bringing my skills to the enthralling world of digital democracy. Which is an interesting new challenge, but mostly the people are the same, the vibes are good and the work is fun. The biggest change is that everyone has had babies now and more sensible bedtimes…

Best anecdote from working with us in The Olden(er) Days?

When I first interviewed for Rubber, it was the eve of the Christmas party. I can remember thinking it was all a bit Nathan Barley, but in a nice way. [Note from Dani: I also distinctly remember mentioning ‘it’s a bit Nathan Barley’ to one of my interviewers after he asked me how I found it.] At one point during the job interview a man on a bike cycled past the meeting room (indoors) swigging from a can of cider and I knew I’d found my place. Also there was this one time where we had our annual summer Burning Rubber party and I played a game of ‘Heads Up’ (the charades game) with Andy that was so intense, and so driven with competitive spirit, you’d have sworn we were competing in a World Cup final. All I can remember is screaming ‘Irish???!???! Boston????! WHAT?’ in Andy’s face.

What work are you doing with us at the moment, and what were you doing before?

Right now I’m doing stuff around the Podcast and comms. Making some magic happen on social. Before? Well I’ve never worked directly for Delib so honestly I was mostly loitering about the shared kitchen trying to see if there were any beef Hula Hoops left in the snack cupboard.

What’s your favourite film? (Or top three, if you can’t pick just one)

Silence Of The Lambs! I could recite it word for word. Not just the Tony Hopkins bits. I can also do a killer Clarice Starling impression. I have to restrict my viewings to twice a year so I don’t spoil it for myself. If you see me around, ask me to do a Clarice. I can also do Senator Martin, and not connected to Silence of The Lambs but a WICKED Bernie Sanders impression. 

What are the best and worst pieces of advice you’ve ever received?

Best piece of advice was from a writer / actor about rejection. I asked him how he managed to stay sane after having so many doors shut in his face over and over again. He said ‘you’ve just got to back yourself Tiff. Fully back yourself. No one else will’. Simple but I fully back my creative judgement, I know in my gut what works and I’ve spent 10 years doing it so I need to back myself and silence the saboteur.
Worst piece? Take a corporate job for the money. I would probably not last 5 minutes with a ‘proper’ job, and they don’t pay that well.

Anything more to add?

Here are the best things I’ve read, watched, listened to and eaten this year.
Read:  Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less 
Very good book about cutting out non essential rubbish from your work and personal life so you can focus your attention on the things that matter.
Watched: Cobra Kai
Once was a YouTube Originals series but made the jump to Netflix this year. Great for 80s Karate Kid nostalgia, stories of being the underdog and some essential easy quarantine watching. 
Listened to: Oh babe, it’s an oldie but right now it’s the entire Rumours by Fleetwood Mac album on repeat right now. I find it impossible to be sad when listening to Never Going Back Again. Or if I’m trying to be cool, the newest Run The Jewels album is pretty spot on.
Best podcast: You’re Wrong About – a great cultural history podcast with insightful and funny moments.
Eaten: Before lockdown I took my mum to Marmo in Bristol and ate the most incredible gnocco fritto with draped Italian MEATS and finished with a rhubarb crumble that was so good I almost cried.