Citizen Space is a leading platform for statutory consultation, and that is one of the primary functions for which our customers use it.

That’s not its only use case though – far from it. We designed Citizen Space to be versatile, and it’s been used for anything from community engagement to internal staff surveys to information-hosting pages and other types of digital engagement.

One such use case is calls for evidence. These are engagement exercises that take place before a policy, bill, etc has been developed and is still in its early stages. They ask for views from experts, professionals or affected parties with first-hand knowledge on a topic whose expertise will in turn shape the direction of a final decision.

So, to round off the week, here are three Delib customers using Citizen Space to run calls for evidence online.

1. The Scottish Parliament

scottish parliament call for evidence, online consultation platform, digital engagement

The Scottish Parliament’s a new customer, and this is actually their first ever activity on Citizen Space. Their site will feature calls for views only, rather than consultations. This one is asking for evidence on a Bill that was introduced to Parliament that would update the Animals and Wildlife Act of 2006.

The Bill would increase maximum penalties for serious animal welfare offences, among other things.

2. Edinburgh City Council

edinburgh city council call for evidence, digital call for evidence, digital engagement

Throughout 2019, the Edinburgh Poverty Commission is working to define the steps the city needs to make to end poverty in Edinburgh. They’ve run two calls for evidence already, and this one focuses on ‘places’. Some of the questions in the call for evidence include:

  • What are the biggest challenges to securing and sustaining an affordable home in Edinburgh?
  • How does the fact of inequality between places in Edinburgh impact on the lives of people in low incomes?

3. BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy)

BEIS are ‘seeking views on the £250 million Clean Steel Fund, which will support the UK steel sector to move to a decarbonisation pathway compatible with net zero.’ The call for evidence focuses on two themes:

  • transitioning to lower carbon iron and steel production through new technologies and processes, placing the sector on a pathway that is consistent with the UK Climate Change Act (net zero)
  • maximising longevity and resilience in the UK steel sector by building on longstanding expertise and skills and harnessing clean growth opportunities.

Well, that’s it from us for this week. Hope you enjoy your weekend, wherever you are!

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