Brighton and Hove City Council are currently considering their budget proposal for the next two years and Budget Simulator is being used as a key indicator within this process.

With coverage on BBC News and planned consultation around the use of their Budget Simulator, Brighton and Hove City Council are consulting through the following methods:

1) An online Budget Simulator which currently has 657 completed responses with over 2700 people visiting the site.

2) Ensuring local residents know how to contact their local Councillors throughout the budget consultation coverage.

3) Live question and answer session with a Local Councillor following the option for residents to submit any questions to the Council using their live web casting page.

4) Opening the conversation through the use of Twitter.

This is just one example of how Budget Simulator can be used to supplement a wider budget consultation process.

For more information on Budget Simulator please contact Joel on 0845 680 0575 or fill out our easy form to Request a Demonstration.