Citizen Space v5.10 – the latest release from our Kaizen workstream – is one of those glistening iceberg milestones where there isn’t much to see above the surface but there’s a whole lot happening out of view. In the last few weeks we’ve been back under the hood of Citizen Space tinkering, tightening nuts and bolts, polishing and perfecting a handful of things that weren’t as good as they could be.

The update will be rolled out to all customers in the week beginning 15th June 2020. You can read more details about the small number of visible changes below, but rest assured that there’s more going on besides. Please get in touch with your account manager if you have any questions.

What’s new?

Some helpful words on the Response Submitted page

Previously, the default text on the final page of the survey – seen after respondents submitted their response – provided a Response ID number and thanked them for completing the consultation (though you can also edit that final sentence).

Screenshot of old 'response submitted' page featuring response ID

We’ve now added some new default text to the page. If a respondent entered their email address on the Almost Done page to receive a copy of their submission, they will now see some text letting them know:

  • what address the acknowledgment email will be sent from;
  • what the subject line of the email will be; and
  • advice to check their spam or junk folder if hasn’t arrived after a few minutes.
Screenshot of new 'response submitted' page featuring response ID and email receipt confirmation

We hope this change will help to manage respondents’ expectations and cut down on the amount of queries you receive from those who missed their acknowledgment email.

If a respondent doesn’t enter their email address on the Almost Done page, they’ll continue to see the Response Submitted page as it has always looked.

Link to the Citizen Space Aggregator

Did you know that we have an Aggregator which scoops together all of the public consultations happening on Citizen Space sites around the world (for organisations who have consented to appearing on it) and puts them all in one place for you to browse, or search by keyword or organisation? It’s really useful for exploring how other organisations are consulting and if you see someone else doing something in a consultation on the Aggregator, it usually means it’s something you could be doing too!

Screenshot of Citizen Space Aggregator landing page

Since we know that many customers find it to be a really useful resource, we’ve now added a direct link to the Aggregator from the admin support page, where your admins could already find a link to the Knowledge Base with lots of how to articles.

Screenshot showing Aggregator link in admin support page

“Edit analysis info for this response” now has a link to get back to the dashboard

Image showing 'edit analysis info' option

Previously, once you’d done that, there was no way to get back to the dashboard apart from selecting the title of the consultation (which we appreciate was not very obvious!) We’ve therefore added a link that makes it super clear and easy how to get back to the dashboard.

Image showing new 'consultation dashboard' link

We got rid of a bug caused by invalid skip logic rules

There was a bug in Citizen Space which meant that if you
1) set up some skip logic rules on a linear survey;
2) changed your mind about the structure and switched your survey to non-linear; and
3) deleted a page and invalidated one of the skip logic rules
then you wouldn’t be able to publish your survey without fixing the problem.

This was a faff as it involved switching the survey back to linear so that you could access the skip logic settings. Anyway, that faff is now a thing of the past, so moving forward you can edit and publish your non-linear surveys without having to worry about this!

And much more…

This release included a whole lot more hidden improvements, including security fixes and the elimination of more bugs. Hurrah!

Keep on keeping on

We know that many of you are doing even more vital and valuable work than ever during this global pandemic, working hard to protect your citizens. We continue to offer you our gratitude and support — thank you.

Take care and well wishes from all of us at Delib.