Delib works with environmental protection agencies (EPAs) all over the world. They’ve all got similar baseline responsibilities, like assessing permits for sites, and we see a lot of consultatons like this on Citizen Space.

However, as you’d expect, each EPA has its own unique and complex regulatory responsibilities. Our EPA customers have some really interesting consultations open at the moment – check it out.

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)

Image showing SEPA's Radioactive substances activities charges consultation displayed on an iPad

SEPA charges fees for regulating activities involving radioactive substances. The current charging scheme was implemented in 2018 as a trial; now SEPA is reviewing this charging scheme and is proposing to make some changes.

Why it’s good: Although the technical language is hard to avoid in this one, SEPA have done a good job of explaining what’s happening. There’s a lot of embedded information, and I like that they’ve been completely up front about their statutory commitments.

Western Australian Environmental Protection Agency (WAEPA)

Screenshot of WAEPA's Asian Renewable Energy Hub Revised Proposal

The WAEPA have previously consulted on the construction of an Asian Renewable Energy Hub – basically a massive solar and wind energy farm – which resulted in the application being approved. Since then the proposals have changed, so this consultation aims to assess whether these changes are big enough to warrant an entirely new proposal being submitted.

Why it’s good: It’s a pretty no-nonsense survey, but it’s good to see post-approval changes being recognised and consulted on rather than just going ahead without involving the community a second time.

Environment Agency

Screenshot of Environment Agency's Seawick Sea Defences Project information page

This isn’t actually a consultation – the Environment Agency frequently use Citizen Space to host digital information boards. This information page regards the reinforcement of sea defences in the Seawick coastal holiday park.

Why it’s good: These information pages are always well-executed and this one is no exception. It gives residents and visitors all the information they will need on works that will be taking place, including dates, working hours, descriptions of what the assigned contractors will actually be doing and pictures providing visual examples.

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