Female healthcare professional administering a vaccination to a young male. Both are wearing face masks

It’s been a year and a bit since the pandemic spread across the globe. Customers have been using Citizen Space throughout the coronavirus crisis to engage with citizens, stakeholders and organisations on how they’ve been affected. There are over 700 consultations in the Citizen Space Aggregator that mention COVID-19.

A year ago many organisations were running impact surveys and consultations on how to adapt our society to the new normal (e.g. schooling). Here’s what our customers are consulting on RE: COVID a year later.

Birmingham City Council, England

Screenshot of Birmingham's COVID-19 Impact Questionnaire 2021

This exercise mirrors some of the engagement that Birmingham were running in March and April 2020 – that is, COVID-19 impact surveys. The earlier ones focussed on immediate support and surviving what came next; as national lockdown restrictions in England ease, the results from this one will have an impact on the way Birmingham manages its recovery.

Why it’s good: rather than just focussing on physical health and economic impacts, as so much of the discourse surrounding the pandemic has done, Birmingham asks its residents about their mental health, diet and freedom of self-expression as well.

Australian Government Department of Health

Australia Department of Health's 'Building a more robust medicine supply' consultation displayed on a laptop

The AU Department of Health are consulting stakeholders and medicine consumers on ways to avoid medicine shortages – something that’s been exacerbated by the pandemic due to supply chain disruptions and, more recently, vaccine shortages and international arguments.

Why it’s good: medicine supply chains are complex, so there’s a lot of information in this consultation, but each section has everything the respondent needs to read written in the body of the consultation rather than in a separate document.

Falkirk Council, Scotland

Screenshot of Falkirk's 'COVID-19 Asymptomatic testing in the Forth Valley Area' consultation

Falkirk are asking residents about aysmptomatic COVID testing in the area. Community testing for asymptomatic COVID carriers was introduced in March 2021, using lateral flow tests, which give a result in under an hour. After this was published, the UK government announced that twice-weekly testing is to be made available to everyone in England.

Why it’s good: this is a very straightforward survey, with mostly quantitative question/answers, that’s easy to complete and understand – ideal for capturing data from a large and diverse group of people.

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