It’s time for the next chapter in our ‘Digital Heroes’ series –  a quick chat with people doing interesting digital work in and around government (and when we have enough heroes for a set we should make this into a comic with top trump cards and a sticker album). Nick Davies is our next chosen subject and here we take the chance to ask him questions about biscuits, technology and burning buildings, so let’s meet him…

Photo of Nick Davies CEO and founder of

Nick Davies CEO and founder of

Nick is the CEO and founder of, the social network that helps small community projects and charities raise awareness of their activity and connect with companies that are looking for causes to support. It’s a great idea – the kind of simple thinking that sounds easy to implement, but in reality requires absolute clarity of direction, super community links and detailed developer know-how. Neighbourly has all of that in spades and does good things for good people. We like.

Let’s find out a bit more about Nick through the medium of interrogation:

1.  What’s your name and where are you from?
Nick Davies. Originally Guildford – now in Bath via London and Norwich.

2.  What do you do for a living?
Founder and CEO of

3.  Favourite band and/ or artist?
Pink Floyd, Marillion (particularly the live albums), Daft Punk

4.  Android or iPhone?

5.  PC or Mac?
MacBook Air

6.  Creature of habit or maverick thinker?
The psych profiles call it ‘change agent’, but there are certainly maverick moments.

7.  Your house is on fire, what do you save?
Aside from family and cat? Memories. We’re better off without much of our 21st century clutter.

8.  Biscuits – dunk or leave unsullied?
Can’t beat the crunch.

9.  Best project you’ve worked on and why?
The whole project. It’s a win/win – projects get the support they need, companies get to tell stories, empower colleagues and see an ROI on giving. It’s a big thing to try and bring to the world stage, but hugely rewarding. Impossible to try and choose a single project within the platform – they’re all great ideas that will clearly make a difference to people’s lives.

10.  Where do you hope will be in 10 years?  
Worldwide. There’s a chance – every community has a project, every company wants to do more. Just need to keep hitting those milestones and go fast!

There you have it – looks like the team are going to continue to be very busy bringing positive action to projects on this island and beyond. We also learned that Nick is a fan not just of making a difference but also Marillion – who, fact-fans, are from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, where all the best people are from (including two of the Delib team).

Do take the time to visit the lovely neighbourly site, and if you have a project that needs support or are a company that can offer time or resource, you can get in touch or Twitter at them @nbrlyuk, and make a difference too.

Until next time hero fans…