I’ll preface by saying that getting people involved in democratic decisions is a good cause in itself – it’s why we’re here, after all! But, on my travels through the 1200+ open activities on the Aggregator this week, I noticed some really meaningful projects on which our customers are asking for public input at the moment.

Inspired partly by Tech For Good South West’s really excellent unconference that we sponsored last month, I thought I’d do a post in celebration of some ways Delib’s customers are using our tech for the greater good. So without further ado, here are some recent activities about Very Good Things.

More national parks in Scotland

Image credit: https://mollison.co

Scottish Government recently opened up their latest conversation on Dialogue. For this one, they asked for ideas about the creation of new national parks across Scotland. The current plan is to open at least one new Scottish National Park by 2026. There were lots of ideas and comments from a range of people, including from conservation groups. The Dialogue closed on the 6th June.

“To be able to do this in an open and transparent manner, we need to be able to assess any area which is put forward for designation against a set of agreed expectations for what National Parks will deliver for Scotland going forward.  This is where we need your help and ideas.”

Support for parents of children with eating disorders

The Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAHMS) from the Northern Ireland Government are setting up a support group for parents and guardians of children with eating disorders. This short, simple survey asks parents what they’d want or need to get out of such a support group.

Bursaries for groups of kids visiting the Wales Coast Path

Natural Resources Wales is offering a number of travel bursaries to support educational trips to the Wales Coast Path, in celebration of the Path’s 10 year anniversary. This activity is an application form for education providers hoping to access a bursary.

“From smuggling to food chains, coastal art to learning about the habitats and landforms along the Welsh coast, visit the Path to discover the cross-curricular learning opportunities and the sense of ‘Cynefin’ the Wales Coast Path offers in waves.”

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