The Independent Review of Learning Disability and Autism in the Mental Health Act, UK

The Independent Review of Learning Disability and Autism in the Mental Health Act (IRMHA) recently bought a Citizen Space subscription. The review is analysing evidence on how people with learning disability and autism experience the Mental Health Act in Scotland. They’ve released their Stage 1 report, and will be consulting using Citizen Space in upcoming stages. Read the report and find out more on their website.

Torfaen County Borough Council, UK

Torfaen’s Citizen Space site

Torfaen aren’t new to Delib; they’ve had Citizen Space since 2017 (hooray!). However, they’ve recently bought Dialogue. Rather than traditional organisation-led consultation, Dialogue is a discursive tool for hosting constructive conversations online. Organisations post challenges that they’d like public input on, and respondents share, rate and comment on ideas.

Coillte, Republic of Ireland

Coillte are a Republic of Ireland state-owned commercial forestry business, and have recently subscribed to Citizen Space. They released a slick consultation on the Dublin Mountains Forests earlier this month. They manage the Forests as commercial forests, but they receive high numbers of visitors, and they want to convert the management of these forests to the primary purpose of recreation and biodiversity.

City of Hume, Australia

Hume City Council have recently bought Simulator to get the public’s insight on how the Council should allocate its budget. Respondents move sliders left and right to allocate or remove funds from different Council services. It’s a well thought-out Simulator with plenty of information and consequences for each slider move.

One thing we love about our customers is that everyone has their on unique take on how they use our tools, so we look forward to seeing what these four organisations release in the coming weeks and months.

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