It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for a weekly roundup of some of the interesting consultations that are on the Citizen Space Aggregator at the moment. Read on to see what our customers have been up to.

The New Zealand Health and Disability System Review is consulting on ways it can improve access to health and disability services

They are particularly looking to improve services for Maori, Pacific peoples, and those on low incomes, who are less likely to use health services before they become really unwell (1). The consultation is super accessible: it’s offered in Te Reo as well as three different English language formats, including one with helpful videos of each question being asked in New Zealand sign language.

Australia’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is consulting on measurement laws

Australia’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is seeking citizen’s views on laws around measurement (literally – units like centimeters and kilograms and how they’re used) in everyday life. It makes good use of skip logic later in the survey, asking if participants would like to provide thoughts on each of three discussion papers and routing them through to the relevant comment area. The questions are clear and understandable for a topic that could very quickly become very murky and technical!

The Ministry of Justice in the UK is consulting on proposed sentencing guidelines for offenders with mental health conditions

The guidelines will be given to UK courts and will help them to pass fair and appropriate sentences to anyone with a mental health condition, neurological impairment, or developmental disorder.

Bristol Uni is consulting on its development plans in the Temple Quarter

Back in Delib’s hometown, the University of Bristol has just opened a consultation on proposals for student accommodation on Temple Island, as part of its wider plans to create a campus in the Temple Quarter. For the locals among you, Temple Island is next door to where the abandoned old Royal Mail sorting offices were up until a few weeks ago. It’s a great, informative consultation with plenty of clear visuals embedded into fact banks.

That’s it for now! We’ll be back next week with more.