One of my favourite things about looking through the 1000+ consultations open on the Citizen Space Aggregator is learning little snippets about other places – like which council is installing a new park, or putting up a statue. There are some excellent and informative public consultations open at the moment themed around culture and heritage.

Here’s a selection of public consultations open on Citizen Space that taught me something new this week.

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council is consulting on The Underbanks Townscape

Stockport's 'Rediscovering The Underbanks Townscape Heritage Survey' displayed in mobile view on an iPhone

Stockport is undertaking a project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, called Rediscovering the Underbanks. Part restoration, and part education/tourism effort, the project will restore buildings in the historic Underbanks district. This consultation seeks residents’ input on their current use and awareness of the Underbanks area.
Why it’s good: Stockport have embedded some photographs of the Underbanks area from around the turn of the 20th century, as well as maps outlining where Underbanks actually is. The visual element helps respondents to contextualise the project.

Historic Environment Scotland is consulting on Talking About Heritage

Screenshot of Historic Environment Scotland's 'Talking About Heritage' public consultation

Historic Environment Scotland is consulting on a set of guidance for both local authorities and the public called Talking About Heritage. The guidance can be used in e.g. Scottish Local Place Plans, but can also be used by the public to learn about heritage and history around them. This consultation asks for views on the draft guidance document.
Why it’s good: there are some absolutely brilliant images embedded at the top of each section, which gives the consultation a personal feel. I particularly like that although this guidance will be used by councils and stakeholders, it’s clearly emphasised that the public should be involved too – because heritage matters to everyone. The language used throughout the guidance and consultation is plain and easily accessible by everyone.

Redbridge Borough Council is consulting on a proposed COVID-19 memorial

Screenshot of Redbridge's 'Consultation on COVID-19 Memorial proposal' public consultation

This consultation is equal parts heartwarming and sad. Redbridge are proposing the creation of a memorial to those residents whose lives were – and will be – lost to the COVID-19 pandemic. The memorial would take the form of a planted glade of trees with benches, to form a place of quiet reflection. As England heads back into lockdown, this one is extra relevant today.
Why it’s good: it’s a short and straightforward survey that gives space for respondents to share any alternative ideas they might have. At the end, the respondent is asked if they’d like to help with the tree planting if the proposal goes ahead which is a lovely touch, especially for those respondents who may have lost loved ones or been otherwise affected.

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