Scottish Government logoBack in July, the Scottish Government announced it would introduce legislation allowing same sex marriage and the religious registration of civil partnership.

They have recently launched an online consultation that seeks views on the content of the Bill, which covers the introduction of same sex marriage as well as important protections in relation to religious bodies and freedom of speech.

By using an online survey in Citizen Space, they created a non-linear consutlation which allows respondents to choose which sections they would like to respond to and in what order.

Screenshot showing the non-linear format of the consultation As the aim is to gain views on the draft legislation, sections of the proposed Bill appear under each question. Being able to easily show and hide this additional content using the ‘More Information’ function makes it less obtrusive for the user and easier for them to focus on responding to the sections that they are most concerned with.

Screenshot of a survey questionThe Scottish Government also used Citizen Space earlier this year for the high profile consultation regarding the measures that will influence the proposed independence referendum of 2014.