It’s time for the weekly roundup of what’s been happening on Citizen Space. There are over 17 000 consultations, including 700 that are open, on the Aggregator right now – here’s a glimpse of what some of our clients have been up to.

The Isle of Man is consulting on its Climate Change Mitigation Strategy 2020-2030

This is quite a hefty consultation, which is understandable, considering the subject matter. To make it easier on the user, it’s nicely broken up into chapters, so respondents only need to answer the sections they want to without having to click through all 10 different survey pages. There is plenty of information given on the introduction page, and the foreword from the Minister of the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture is a nice touch.

South Ribble is consulting on ‘Green Links’

South Ribble Borough Council is consulting on its plans to improve its green spaces and connect them with ‘Green Link’ pathways. It’s a very visual consultation, with plenty of infographics and embedded maps, so that respondents can clearly understand the Council’s overall vision for the project before they give their opinions.

Edinburgh is consulting on its Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Edinburgh wants residents’ views on its Health and Social Care Partnership Strategic Plan. The consultation is laid out very clearly, with all the information needed to answer each section embedded in PDFs at the top of each page. This means that users don’t need to refer to a document which opens up in an external window – it’s all conveniently there on the page. This embed feature saves a lot of extra legwork on the respondent’s part, particularly for mobile users.

And there you have it. Have a great weekend everybody!