Place-based engagement with Citizen Space Geospatial

Today, Delib hosted a virtual event to launch its new product, Citizen Space Geospatial. It is now available for users around the world to conduct place-based consultation and engagement processes.

Available as an add-on to any Citizen Space subscription, Citizen Space Geospatial allows users to include maps and geospatial data throughout their consultation and engagement processes, enabling them to gather richer, more insightful data than ever before.

Take a tour of Citizen Space Geospatial and what it can do.

Watch a recording of the launch event:

“We’ve always been strong on how we use technology – we’re a technology company.  But we don’t start from the technology.  We start from: what problem do we want to solve?  What do people need to do?  What’s the best way to do that?”

– Andy Parkhouse, MD of Delib

Supporting documentation

We’ve compiled a series of resources about the product, how we made it and the context surrounding it. You can check them out below.

Introducing place-based engagement with Citizen Space Geospatial

Include maps and geospatial data throughout your consultation and engagement activities.

Find out more about Citizen Space Geospatial.

We’re confident that Citizen Space Geospatial solves a lot of problems for a lot of people. But who defines those problems and how specifically do you solve them?

Citizen Space Geospatial was designed based on user research involving over 20 government organisations. You can read about the user research journey here.

How did we go about building Citizen Space Geospatial? What were the challenges? You can read about the engineering journey here.

How can geospatial tools include people who, for whichever reason, can’t use a map? Read about how we designed for accessibility and inclusion.

What is geospatial data? Why is it important for democracy, consultation and engagement activities? Read a detailed overview.

To find out more about Citizen Space Geospatial book a demo and we’ll walk you through it.