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As account managers at Delib, it’s our mission to help as many people as possible to use our digital engagement tools as well as possible. We know this will lead to our customers getting better value out of their subscriptions, putting out higher-quality consultations into the world, and fingers crossed making more well-informed decisions for citizens.  

With that goal in mind, we recently introduced a new section on our website under the heading Delib Learn where we’ve started to develop an additional range of educational resources — including online webinars and product videos. These are designed to enhance Citizen Space users’ knowledge and help them improve the content they build in the platform.

We still have our comprehensive online Knowledge Base — which is the first port of call for any users seeking guidance on how to use our products — but Delib Learn supplements that with engaging content in a format other than written articles, which we hope will help bring some aspects of Citizen Space to life.


As mentioned above, one of the new resources we’re offering is online webinars — we have 2 coming up next month, on the topics of Good survey design and Accessible consultations and surveys. These will run on Zoom and are free to attend for all users of Citizen Space, with no limit on attendee numbers.

The webinars will be delivered by our account managers on both sides of the globe. It’s been a fun challenge developing the content — we’re all used to delivering in-depth training but these webinars are a slightly different format for us. The main differences are that: 

  • they’re deliberately short and sweet (45 minutes) so as to be easy for our users to fit into a busy day
  • they hone in on a specific topic in more detail
  • they’re tailored to a potentially much larger audience than a standard training session.
A slide summarising what we cover in our Good Survey Design Webinar, including what makes a good consultation, survey structure and question design.
A taster of what we cover in our Good Survey Design webinar

Our account managers in Australia and New Zealand, Katharine and Tim, took the lead on making the webinars happen — so if you’re based in AU/NZ, you may be among the 200+ people who have already attended a session of the Good survey design topic. 

Here’s some of the feedback we received:

Very knowledgeable, easy to listen to presenters. Well paced session.

This session was very good for our staff who have not had any experience with the software. Providing more of these sessions would benefit our organisation.

Covered everything I could think of, and gave great information to my question. I am excited about the possibilities of online consultation!

We’re now excited to be bringing these webinars to our UK, Ireland & Europe customer base too, as well as further sessions in AU/NZ.


The webinars are a way for us to provide even more value to customers, and will sit alongside our existing training offering rather than replacing it. If people have attended a webinar and found it useful but want to build their knowledge further, they can then invest in one of our more in-depth training sessions. All upcoming sessions — both webinars and training — are now listed on a handy page on the website, so it’s easy to check what’s coming up in your territory.

In response to the events of 2020, some of our training is now being delivered remotely — especially in those countries where there are restrictions on travel and gathering in groups. As always, wherever they’re based, customers can arrange bespoke sessions for their organisation only or can book for individuals to join mixed sessions, where attendees enjoy the added benefit of getting to speak to people working in a similar role at other organisations using Citizen Space.

Product videos

Finally, while we were preparing for our recent milestone, Citizen Space v5.11 — it struck us as the perfect moment to make a product video to help communicate the changes we’ve made to the reporting tools.

Product videos are something customers have asked us for in the past, so we’re really interested to hear your feedback on this first video and whether you’d be keen to see more in the future. Moving forward, we’ll continue to add to the resources that can be found on Delib Learn, and if it proves useful then we may also develop resources for our other products — Dialogue and Simulator — in the future.

We hope Site Admins will share the new Delib Learn resources widely with users from their organisation. With 7 account managers supporting more than 18,000 Citizen Space admins around the world, it’s simply not possible for us to assist every individual directly, but we’re hopeful that this new offering will be a big help in spreading more useful information throughout the Citizen Space community.

If you have any questions about Delib Learn, you can get in touch with us via support@delib.net.