Ceri is one of a few new starters who was lucky enough to join us pretty much as soon as lockdown happened. It means that she’s been having to get to know her colleagues pretty much exclusively online. Strange new world…

As is traditional, we asked her some of life’s most important questions, like what films are the best films and what the post-COVID world should look like.

What’s your name and where are you from?

I’m Ceri from Beaufort, a teeny part of South Wales which you’ve probably not heard of. It has beautiful mountains and highly erratic internet access. I left when I was 18 to be closer to gig venues and cinemas which showed appallingly pretentious films

What did you do before you started with us?

Just before arriving at Delib I worked as a business analyst at Creative England, where I spent time wrangling data and making the company’s CRM system work better for everyone. I have yet to meet a CRM which is loved by its users.

What drew you to Delib?

I need to believe in the work of my employer. In a previous role at the charity Sustrans I worked on a lot of government partnership projects, and saw first-hand how difficult it was to do consultation well. So I was interested in the fact that Delib wants to make the process better. I’d also heard that it was a lovely place to work, and I liked what I’d read about [Delivery Director & line manager to account managers] Louise’s approach (I stalked her online before applying). 

What’s your favourite film? (Or top three, if you can’t pick just one)

As a massive film nerd this is an impossible question to answer. Can I choose 33? Today I’ll go for The Artist is Present, Donkey Skin and Harold and Maude, but there will definitely be a different three tomorrow. 

What’s in been like starting mid-pandemic, and what do you hope we (as a society) learn from COVID?

Pretty difficult. I’ve never worked from home before except for the odd day here and there, and I’ve found it hard to not get the chance to know my new colleagues. Everyone’s been really helpful though, and hugely understanding about the challenges of life as we currently know it. As for what I hope we’ll learn, I guess one thing would be that we really don’t need to buy much stuff…but judging by the queues outside the Nike store recently I think I might be onto a loser there. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Kill your darlings. I did a lot of copywriting in my first job and this helped me to be less precious about my sentences. 

Anything more to add?

Can I please have 30 more films?