The warmest of welcomes to our newest regional account manager, Lauren, who will be taking care of our growing pantheon of Scottish customers. Hooray! As is compulsory for all new starters, we asked her some Very Important Questions about biscuits and stuff.

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

Hi! I’m Lauren, originally from the mitten-shaped state (Michigan, USA), now living back in bonny Edinburgh, Scotland after several years residing on a beautiful, small rock in the Irish Sea — the Isle of Man.

2. Favourite band and/or artist?

Oh, this is a tough one as I have a very eclectic taste and it just depends on the day, my mood, what I’m doing. So, let’s just go with someone who has solid jams that are always good — Bruce Springsteen.

3. Creature of habit or maverick thinker?

A bit of both — I love being organised and making lists, but am equally comfortable ripping everything up and seeing what happens.

4. You (and, for the sake of keeping it interesting, any spouses/partners/kids/significant others) get mysteriously transported to a desert island, with only time to grab a couple of precious things to take with you. What makes the ‘keep’ list?

Assuming I will have a solar panel to generate electricity (if not, then add that in too) my kindle, a kickass knife, knitting needles with a lifetime supply of yarn, and my notebook.

5. Biscuits – dunk or leave unsullied?

Mostly no dunking as I only drink herbal teas and don’t like biscuit crumbs in my tea. I like cookies (not biscuits) dunked in milk, not tea. And Oreos should only ever be eaten dunked in milk.

6. Before joining Delib, how did you put bread on the table?

I’ve had a bit of a meandering career, beginning in the environment and sustainability education / community engagement non-profit world, shifting to IT and public services, winding back into the eco-world, to return to tech and citizen engagement.

7. Why did you want to join Delib?

Lennon had it right with ‘Power to the people’ as public services are better when citizens have a voice in decision-making.
From the people to the products to the ethos – I truly believe, and have seen first-hand how Delib helps government and related organisations be better through effective citizen engagement and consultation, ultimately working towards a stronger, deliberative democracy – and I really wanted to be part of the movement.

8. Any shout outs, comments or other musings?

Shout out to the great folks at Delib who quickly added me into their fold and to my former team at GTS who supported (or more accurately lightheartedly ribbed) my deep admiration of consultations and Citizen Space.

Welcome aboard Lauren!