It’s officially been a year (and a bit since) we closed the office doors and became remote-by-default as a company, but we’ve been lucky enough to keep expanding which means we’ve been steadily increasing our workforce. So a warm welcome to Harry, who’s the newest member of Delib’s commercial operation.

What’s your name and where are you from?

My name’s Harry and I’m from Salisbury, once famous for Stonehenge and now famous for Novichok.

What did you do before you started with us?

Pretty long story short; I was a bar supervisor at a pub in the New Forest (weird right?)

What drew you to Delib?

A friend of mine works for Delib and I saw him share the job ad on his social media, I checked it out and the style of writing just spoke to me a bit at a first glance. I was interested so did a bit of research and liked the idea of being part of a positive change in the world of democracy. After a couple of interviews I could tell I’d get on with the team and luckily they didn’t think I was too bad either. 

What’s your favourite film? (Or top three, if you can’t pick just one)

That’s so hard, but probably Saving Private Ryan.

What’s in been like starting mid-pandemic, and what is the FIRST thing you’re going to do once restrictions are lifted?

I’ve hated not being able to meet people, but learning from home and figuring stuff out has actually helped me in the long run I think. It’s been pretty weird in all honesty. I really, really, really need to listen to some loud music in a crowd with a plastic pint in my hand. 

What are the best and worst pieces of advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t stir tea with a knife because it means you’re stirring up trouble; and always stand up to shake someone’s hand. You decide which is which. 

Anything more to add?

Only that despite being in lockdown and the fact that I haven’t met most the team at Delib in person or seen the office which I hear so much about, everyone’s been so welcoming and helpful. I feel like I’m fitting in well and enjoying getting stuck in. Looking forward to meeting everyone in real life sometime soon.

Welcome to Delib Harry, we’re happy to have you!