Sabine standing by the sea

Whenever we make a new hire, we like to do a little introductory interview with them (we all had to do it so they have to, too, OK?!)

The latest addition to the Delib team is Sabine – here to help spread the word about digital democracy and, apparently, consume all the gluten-free biscuits…

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Sabine and I’m from Trondheim in Norway. I moved to the UK in 2014 to study in Falmouth, Cornwall. Here, I fell for both the country and a Brit called Sam. Upon graduating, Sam and I wanted to move somewhere similar to Falmouth in being vibrant, creative and lovely, just bigger, which is why we ended up in Bristol. I love the UK so much and especially the people, which is why I consider myself very lucky to live here.

2. Favourite band and/or artist?

Blossoms! I went to see them at the O2 Academy in Bristol, and it was amazing. I find it very hard to get into bands or artists where I listen to all of their songs, so I am very happy to say I am a proper fan of Blossoms. I do tend to play the same song on repeat until I can’t stand it anymore, so my playlist completely depends on my mood and level of obsessiveness. I have just gone through a period of listening to the Rocketman soundtrack on repeat (Taron Egerton and children singing Elton John), which nearly cost me my relationship.

3. Creature of habit or maverick thinker?

I’m a creature of habit and really enjoy having a routine. It just doesn’t feel like Friday if I’m not having Mexican food or Saturday if I’m not going for a long run by the river. I love planning and organising and have a Pinterest board for almost everything. Planning is half the fun and all that.

4. Biscuits – dunk or leave unsullied?

I prefer biscuits crunchy and my tea/coffee without bits in it. I do, however, like having a hot drink and a biscuit side by side. I’m just not as civilised as most people and one biscuit will always turn into the entire pack. Luckily, I am gluten intolerant and the GF biscuits come in much smaller packs…

5. Before joining Delib, how did you put bread on the table?

I used to work for an events company doing global B2B events focused on Digital Transformation.

6. Why did you want to join Delib?

I wanted to join Delib because it seemed like a chance to develop the skills I already had, whilst learning a whole lot and doing work which was meaningful. I really wanted a job where I was able to feel like my job was fulfilling and enjoyable. It was truly refreshing meeting the team which consists of so many different personalities.

8. Any shout outs, comments or other musings?

Absolutely. Huge thanks to Ben and Kim for spending hours with me making sure I have everything I need to get on with my job. Also, thank you, Joel and Meg for being so welcoming and helpful. And thank you to the whole wider team who are all very approachable and nice. I really look forward to getting to know everyone.