It’s been a busy few weeks lately, what with the release of two new podcasts (which you can check out here and here), customers making headlines, and updates to Citizen Space, so the roundup has been on pause for the past fortnight. So just before we head off for another bank holiday here in the UK, here’s a selection from some of the hundreds of consultations open on the Aggregator at the moment.

Birmingham City Council is consulting on Sensory Support in Further Education

Birmingham CC want to hear from young people with hearing or sight loss who have received sensory support in college. The survey is simple and well-designed with a good mix of response types – i.e. free text answers, drop-downs, and checkboxes. This breaks it up for the respondent and keeps it interesting.

Edinburgh Council is consulting on plans for its City Centre Transformation

Edinburgh is planning on making its city centre a car-free area and they want people’s views on the proposed plans. It might seem like I’m a sucker for consultations with pictures in (not entirely untrue) but it’s hard to contextualise big infrastructure projects without images. This consultation has plenty – maps, illustrations AND diagrams – which means that, when it comes to submitting opinions, respondents are fully informed with a clear understanding of the project. This in turn means that their feedback is more specific and therefore more valuable.

Highways England is consulting on the A66 Northern Trans-Pennine Project

Highways England want to hear from the public on their proposed options for improving a section of the A66. The consultation is highly comprehensive, with lots of information on the overview page, including in-person consultation events, other ways to respond and the consultation brochure embedded as a PDF into the page. This means that everything respondents need is on one page, so they don’t need to download any documents or open pages in new tabs if they don’t want to.

So there we have it. Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine wherever you are! ☀️