In April 2012, the Department of Health launched a UK-wide consultation on the potential public health benefits and/or legal and financial consequences of standardising tobacco packaging.

The consultation was largely influenced by legislation implemented in Australia in 2012, which standardises the branding on tobacco products and its packaging.

Example of the standardised tobacco packaging implemented in Australia

The Department of Health used Citizen Space’s online survey tool as part of a wider strategy to garner responses from interested members of the public. Over 2,000 members of the public responded to the consultation through either Citizen Space, email or post.

We also advised the Department of Health on how best to adapt their paper survey into an online one, so the user experience was kept as consistent as possible between mediums.

In the summary report of the consultation published in July 2013, quantitative data is presented through either frequency tables or pie charts.

For open-ended questions, the broad themes of qualitative answers were summarised in the report. The report also includes a comprehensive summary of the feedback of respondents that either agreed and disagreed with the proposals.

We also have more advice on how to analyse and present consultation responses in the “Managing and Interpreting Responses” section of our Citizen Space Knowledge Base.