Ok, so maybe you don’t always see the joy on our faces when we know we’ve helped one of our customers out, but this is certainly the Delib ethos. We aim to deal with all of our support requests efficiently, but most importantly, with the personal touch we pride ourselves on.

Many of you will have contacted us before, and will be aware of the various channels of support available, but we thought we’d remind you of the useful resources on offer, because, quite often, the answer to your question is just a few clicks away.

Knowledge Base

If you use Citizen Space frequently, we really recommend that you set this as a favourite, add a bookmark, or make a shortcut, in your web browser:

Our Knowledge Base is an extensive online source of information on all things Citizen Space. It’s the first place to look if you’ve got a question, and it’s rare that you’ll fail to find the answer you’re looking for.

The quickest way to find the most relevant article is to simply use the search bar at the top of the page and hit the ‘Search’ button (or press ‘Enter’). Try and keep your search terms brief but specific – for example, if you wanted to know ‘how to add a question to your consultation’, you could simply type in ‘question’ and you’ll find your answer in one of the articles displayed beneath:

You can also browse articles in the Knowledge Base by category. You’ll notice we have different sections for each of our apps, and within those sections are categories, each with multiple articles within them. If you’re looking to find out about things that Citizen Space can do then this might be a useful way for you to discover features you didn’t know existed:

Our Knowledge Base is constantly growing – either as we add new features to the product or we find ourselves answering the same question more than once, so it’s always worth checking back here even if you’ve not been able to find your answer in a previous search.

Submitting a support request

If you’re struggling to find the information you’re looking for in our Knowledge Base by either searching or browsing, you should submit a support request to us. This is easily done from the Knowledge Base itself by clicking ‘Submit a request’ from the navigation menu above the search bar:

This will bring up a form for you to fill in with your question or details of the problem that you’re experiencing. You’ll notice that as you start typing your subject, the system will show you relevant links to articles within our Knowledge Base too.

To ensure we can give you an accurate and speedy reply, please try to include as much detail as possible; things that can really help us get to the bottom of an issue you are experiencing include:

  • Links to affected pages
  • Details of the web browser and operating system you’re using
  • Any screenshots that display the problem you’re facing (you can also attach other files or documents you think might help us by clicking ‘Attach file’ under the description field).

Once you’ve provided as much information as you can, hit ‘Submit’ and a ticket will be created for our Support Team. If you’ve not used the system before, you’ll receive a verification email – as soon as you’ve clicked the link in this email, we’ll be able to see your ticket. If you’re already logged in, your ticket will reach us immediately.

Emailing us

You can also raise a ticket with our Support Team by emailing us at support@delib.net. This will automatically create a ticket that will reach us in the same way as if you had used the ‘Submit a request’ feature described above. Once again, make sure you include as much information as possible, and attach any files that demonstrate the problem.

Our Support Team

Our support team is made up of multiple members from Delib. This includes all of our account managers and developers, so there will always be someone available to answer your question, no matter how technical it may be.

As a rule of thumb, we aim to have support enquiries resolved within one working day, but as the nature of technical problems can vary greatly, it can sometimes take us a little longer. We’ll always let you know if this is this is the case.

Your Account Manager

All our Citizen Space customers have a dedicated Account Manager. You’ll have liaised with them through the set-up process, and perhaps you might have met them at a training day.

But their support doesn’t stop there; if you have any question, then please feel free to contact your Account Manager by either email or by phone. They might not always be able to deal with your issue immediately, particularly if it requires technical input from a developer, but they will be able to pass any questions on to the wider team.

Call us!

If your enquiry is urgent or you’d simply like to speak to a real person then just pick up the phone and give us a call.

If you’re in the UK, we have a local rate number which is 0845 638 1848 – this will save you money on the call cost if you’re based far from Bristol. If you’re dialling from an office that blocks these kind of numbers, or you’re calling from overseas, then you can also get through to us on +44 (0)117 381 2989.

Our Australian customers can reach our Brisbane office on 1800 034 129 (or +61 1800 034 129 if you’re outside the country).