Happy Tuesday, one and all. Hope you’ve had lovely weekends!

There’s plenty going on in the Citizen Space Aggregator at the moment, with over 18000 total consultations. Read on for three of the recent highlights.

The Government of Western Australia’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is consulting on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment Guidance

The EPA is looking for community and industry input on how it should consider greenhouse gas emissions when assessing significant proposals in Western Australia. They will publish responses where consent has been given to do so, and I like how they make it clear exactly what will happen to respondents’ submissions: for example, they can request that part of their submission is kept confidential, but they are also made aware that there’s a possibility it could still be disclosed under the Freedom of Information act.

The London Borough of Camden is consulting on ‘Improving health in East Camden’

Camden residents from Kilburn, Swiss Cottage, Fortune Green and West Hampstead have made up a Neighbourhood Assembly, and have worked together to develop six ideas that will make their neighbourhood a healthier and happier place to live. This consultation is now asking the wider public what they think of the six ideas. This model – deliberative, community-led engagement, followed by formal consultation – is a great way of building trust within communities.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is consulting on ‘Proposed changes to the dangerous goods rules’

CASA is seeking feedback on changes to the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations, with the aim of making the regulations for carrying dangerous goods easier to understand and comply with. It’s a chapter based consultation that quotes the relevant legislation, as well as embedding the full text into a fact bank, rather than linking externally to a PDF on a separate site which respondents then have to flick back and forth between. In keeping with their precedent, CASA will publish responses where consent has been given to do so. Response publishing is a key feature of Citizen Space and is a great way to increase transparency and accountability.

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