Citizen Space is a platform for democratic processes, with a range of different use cases (community engagement, spatial planning, Calls for Evidence, to name a few). But our customers are a creative bunch, and it’s been well-documented at this point that Citizen Space’s use cases are limited only by the imaginations of those that use it. Trying to pinpoint all the different ways customers use it is like whack-a-mole: just when you think you’ve found them all another one pops up.

In my adventures through the 1000+ open activities on the Citizen Space Aggregator this week, I noticed a couple of new ones, so let’s take a look at some of the new ways the platform has been used lately.

User research: Metro North Hospital & Health Service

This short survey is for patients using ventilator masks supplied by the Herston Biofabrication Institute and Gold Coast University Hospital. It asks a short series of questions about how patients are affected by sleepiness, which will help them to assess how the ventilator masks are affecting patients’ sleep and energy levels. The survey is designed to be taken twice: once before the ventilator mask is supplied and once after a patient has been using it for a while.

Testing children’s awareness: Natural Resources Wales with Danger Point

DangerPoint is an educational centre in Wales, aimed at increasing kids’ awareness of safety through different interactive activities. They’ve developed a quiz for kids in partnership with Natural Resources Wales all about flood awareness. Each page has a different section of information (e.g. all about surface water), followed by a multiple choice quiz question. It’s routed in a way that lets kids know whether they picked the right or wrong answer, and what the correct answer was, after each question. Genuinely brilliant.

Voting: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC)

The Grenfell Projects Fund (GPF) is a grant programme that seeks to build on North Kensington’s community-led recovery following the Grenfell fire. The programme awards funding to organisations based in North Kensington’s seven wards to support residents who have been most affected. There’s £600k up for grabs, and RBKC is taking to Citizen Space to ask for North Kensington residents’ votes on which project propositions should recieve a portion of the funding. There are five categories, and each one has its own Citizen Space activity: environmentally friendly projects; cultural and artistic projects; wellbeing for all North Kensington residents; meeting essential needs; and educational and training opportunities.

Each activity is non-linear, with a ‘chapter’ allocated to each project proposal. Each proposal has a video for voters to watch, followed by a question asking respondents to rate how strongly they support the project on a scale of 0-5. The ‘contents’ page contains all the information residents need on how to cast their votes.

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