Welcome to August, everyone. Whether it’s midsummer, midwinter or monsoon season where you are, I hope you’re an ideal temperature!

With over 18 000 consultations on the Citizen Space Aggregator, there’s always plenty of interesting stuff being consulted upon. Here’s a selection of some that opened this week.

Reading Borough Council is consulting on its Transport Strategy 2036

Reading is running a consultation on a mammoth transport strategy that will take the borough through to infinity 2036 and beyond. Rather than a consultation on a concrete proposal, they’re consulting early, and at this stage they’re assessing citizens’ priorities on suggested themes and preferred issues to tackle. Early engagement came up a lot at Centre for London’s event on participation in planning, but it applies universally- getting people involved at the outset gives more clout to their opinions and builds trust in an organisation.

The Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science are consulting on Proposed APEC Women in STEM principles

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation has proposed a set of principles designed to boost outcomes for women in STEM in member countries. Australia is one such country, so they’re seeking stakeholder feedback on the proposals. Once they’re finalised, APEC hopes for all member countries to adopt them.

Brighton and Hove Council is consulting on Unpaid Trial Shifts

Brighton and Hove City Council is seeking job applicants’ views on the prospect of ending the practise of unpaid trial shifts. This one is close to my heart; I remember the days of having to work days without pay in the hospitality industry, without a guarantee of actually being offered the job. It was extremely pants, so it’s nice to see a council taking action. It’s a good survey too: it’s routed based on whether or not applicants have been asked to work trial shifts. There’s even a question asking respondents to name and shame the businesses that have asked them to do so!

That’s it for now folks. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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