It’s officially summer in the UK today – not that you’d know it, as staff in our Bristol offices have practically been swimming to work all week. ☔️ (If you’re in an area affected by flooding, don’t forget to fill out the Environment Agency’s consultation on the UK flood mitigation strategy before the 4th July.)

That hasn’t stopped our customers’ activity on Citizen Space, though. There are 803 consultations open on the Aggregator at the time of writing. Here are some highlights.

The Isle of Man is consulting on future small unmanned aircraft safety legislation

The Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration wants opinions on small unmanned aircraft, or SUA, legislation – think drones and remote control model aircraft. This is following on from the wider UK’s introduction of additional SUA requirements after flights were disrupted when drones were flown at Heathrow. The consultation is making use of response publishing – that is, respondents’ submissions will be published on the overview page where consent has been given to do so. The IOM use this feature a lot, which we love, because it renders the consultation process more transparent overall.

The City of London Corporation is consulting on wholesale markets

The City Corporation owns and manages three large wholesale markets in London: Billingsgate; Smithfield; and New Spitalfields. They’re proposing to bring all three of these markets together on to one site in Dagenham, and they want the public’s views on the proposal. They’ve used chapters to clearly lay out four information-only pages, with the survey questions on the final chapter. It breaks up what would otherwise be an overwhelming amount of info. Also, check out that bling banner image. Hungry, anyone?

Defra is running a call for evidence on non-elephant ivory trade

The Ivory Act 2018 will bring into force one of the toughest domestic bans on elephant ivory sales in the world. However, there’s potential for the Act to be extended to cover ivory-bearing animals other than elephants, such as narwhals and warthogs. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs wants to hear evidence on trade in ivory from these species, with particular interest in hearing from people with specialist knowledge on their conservation or on the trade in their ivory.

That’s it for now – fingers crossed for some sunshine. And if you have any questions about Citizen Space or any of our products, you can always get in touch – we’re a friendly bunch.