COVID-19 has affected everyone in unique and specific ways. Experiences vary from country to country, person to person. Now, 6-8 months in depending on where you live, we’re starting to see some of the more unexpected elements of the fallout; things that would be more difficult for officials to plan for than the obvious tests and PPE.

These issues are being reflected in the types of consultations popping up on Citizen Space, which you can browse through on the Citizen Space Aggregator. Here are a few examples.

Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA), NI

If you are starting to suspect that I chose the theme of this post in part because I wanted to feature this, you would be correct. It’s not actually a consultation – it’s an application form for a scheme compensating NI potato farmers who’ve experienced a loss of income due to the pandemic.

It’s a nice example of the versatility of Citizen Space. DAERA has made good use of different answer components, embeds and features to create a straightforward form for what would be an otherwise complicated application. Also, there’s a fact bank entitled ‘Eligible Potatoes’, which made my day.

Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament is seeking views on what role Scottish social security should play in recovery from the pandemic. Given that COVID has seen people who’ve been continuously employed for decades suddenly relying on social security, the results of this will certainly be interesting reading. I like the touch of putting the questions in a fact bank on the front page – it means respondents can think about/research their answers before clicking through.

Buckinghamshire County Council, UK

Buckinhamshire Council and NHS Buckinghamshire CCG are consulting on the future of a GP surgery which was closed at the start of the pandemic. As with many areas, the coronavirus has forced underlying issues into the foreground, such as the outdated structure and layout of this building.

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