Happy Friday, one and all! It’s been another busy week on the Aggregator – there are about 800 open consultations on Citizen Space at the moment. Read on for a small selection.

The Scottish Sentencing Council are consulting on the sentencing process

This is a landmark consultation, in that it’s the first public one of its kind. It’s even made the news. Lord Justice Clerk Lady Dorrian, Scotland’s second most senior judge, said she hoped the new guidelines on the sentencing process would help clarify how decisions are reached. “We very much hope that this will demystify the process,” she said. The Sentencing Council is seeking the public’s views on a draft set of guidelines to the sentencing process, which they believe will help to increase public knowledge and understanding on how courts make sentencing decisions.

Transport for London is consulting on 20mph speed limits in central London

TFL want the public’s opinions on the best way to implement their plans on making all of central London a 20mph zone. Their proposals on how best to do this include: 

  • Installing raised pedestrian crossings in seven locations where clusters of collisions, that led to someone being killed of seriously injured, have occurred and where there are high volumes of people walking
  • Recalibrating all existing speed cameras in central London to enforce 20mph speed limits instead of 30mph
  • Installing 20mph signs and road markings on all routes

The overview is packed full of information that is clear and written in plain English. There are embedded images used to illustrate examples of speed-moderating methods, as well as a map of the affected routes, so it’s super accessible.

The London Borough of Hounslow are consulting on crafting maker spaces in Boston Manor

Hounslow were recently awarded funding to restore Boston Manor House. The project will restore the building, and from 2021 it will host a programme of community events and activities. Part of the project will create new spaces for the arts and creative industries, so they’re asking local artists and creatives for their input on how the spaces should be designed. There are some lovely hand-drawn illustrations on the overview page, and the survey itself is comprehensive with a good variety of question types. I do love a good matrix answer component.

That’s it for now! As I mentioned, this is just a tiny selection of the consultations open on Citizen Space right now. If you’re interested in what it can do for your organisation, you can always drop us a line.