When Boris Johnson dramatically strengthened his position as UK prime minister last Thursday, leaving the EU in January got a whole lot more likely. Organisations nation-wide will have their work cut out for them, both before and after the exit date. For public bodies, it’s going to mean new policies – lots of new policies. Which will mean a lot of consulting. Like, a lot a lot.

At the base level we’ll be seeing statutory consultations, but there’s also stakeholder and non-statutory engagement on top of that, on anything from government-mandated topics to much more localised issue-based ones. It’s safe to say that EU regulation impacts pretty much every area of life in the UK, from clean water to hoovers and, yes, bananas.

Citizen Space is the consultation tool of choice for over 150 organisations worldwide. Here are a few reasons why it’s the best platform for the coming influx of UK-wide consultation activity.


Citizen Space is unlimited, meaning that users can consult as often as they like. The Post Office run, on average, nearly 12 consultations per week. Since their site deployed in 2016, they’ve run over 2000. Hopefully, organisations won’t need to run that many just on Brexit-related stuff (please, no), but if they have to then Citizen Space will support that level of activity.


Citizen Space has been used to run consultations on everything from the Scottish Independence Referendum to private staff surveys. There’s no topic too big, small, specific or broad.


Brexit will have a lot of implications for data privacy and security, not least because GDPR may no longer apply. We operate on ‘privacy by design’ principles (read more here), and Citizen Space is fully GDPR compliant. It will remain so after Brexit. Privacy is Important.

There are plenty more reasons why it’s the best choice. To find out more, you can book a free demo and we’ll walk you through it.