Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been an interesting couple of weeks on the Citizen Space Aggregator, with a range of different trends in consultation and also the momentous news that, at time of writing, there are over 1000 open consultations.

One of the trends we’re seeing at the moment is a lot of health-related consultations that aren’t about Covid (one of these days I’ll be able to write a post without mentioning it). From dust disease to military families’ mental health, here is a selection of health consultations open on Citizen Space at the moment.

Department of Health, AU

Phone displaying overview page of Australia Department of Health's consultation, title 'Second phase open consultation for the National Dust Disease Taskforce'

The Australian Department of Health set up a National Dust Disease Taskforce, aimed at reducing rates of occupational lung disease (usually caused by inhaling silica dust) across the country.
Why it’s good: Responses will be published once the consultation is closed, so once a respondent has answered the questions, the survey gives them a range of options on how they’d like their submission to be treated. They can opt for their submission to be published in full, partially redacted, completely anonymised, plus a few other options.
This is also the second consultation that the Taskforce has run and is based on a set of interim recommendations. This consultation will inform the final report, which will be released in 2021. This multi-stage method of consulting guarantees robust and well-informed results and demonstrates accountability on behalf of the Taskforce.

Department of Health, NZ

Screenshot of the overview page of New Zealand Department of Health's consultation, title 'Feedback on the proposed regulation of the home and community support'

The Department of Health are consulting on proposals to regulate home and community support services (in-home care for the elderly), which currently isn’t regulated in the same way that residential support services are.
Why it’s good: all of the required information is contained in the overview page. There are no further documents to read and no technical language to overcome. I particularly like the explanation of what regulation would mean in this context – it means that someone with absolutely no prior knowledge (like me) can go in and respond to this consultation.

NHS England, UK

Screenshot of overview page of NHS England's consultation, title 'Improving health and wellbeing support for armed forces families in England'

NHS England is consulting on mental health and wellbeing services for family members of military personnel. They’re inviting members of the armed forces, their family members, and organisations offering support to those families to take part.
Why it’s good: it’s straightforward, with a good range of answer components like tick-lists and open text boxes so those taking part can share personal experiences if they’d like, or they can just answer the quantitative sections. I liked that on the introduction page, respondents are told which sections they should answer depending on which category they fall under.

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